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Statement on International Women's Day
March 08, 2015

The following is a statement by MPP Laurie Scott, Ontario PC Critic for Women’s Issues, recognizing International Women’s Day:

“Today, Ontario joins the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. This year’s theme of ‘Make it Happen’ is a proud recognition of the advances we have made in the struggle for equality for all women in all aspects of life and opportunity.

“It is also a call to action that all men and women must heed. Across the world, and right here in our province’s own communities, we still face the reality of harassment and violent acts against women and young girls. Even more troubling, is that too many women feel they can’t take action to prevent intimidation, threats and violence because support is lacking. As a society, we all have a role to play by uniting to ensure that every woman is free from harm.

“I am proud of leading the charge in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly to establish a Select Committee on Sexual Harassment and Violence to address and prevent the disturbing incidents that are occurring in Ontario. The committee came to fruition thanks to the steadfast support of my colleagues, demonstrating the progress we can make when we stand united. Through steadfast dedication, I am confident that together we will achieve our vision of a province where all women are safe and have limitless opportunities for success.

“Make it Happen is a theme not only for today, but every day.”

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